Who would hear it? (anybody can join)

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Who would hear it? (anybody can join) Empty Who would hear it? (anybody can join)

Post by Salvus on Fri Oct 16, 2009 7:12 pm

Sin flew beside a tree in it's mist like form. The land of dragons had once been it's creation. Many memories came from here, some bad and some good...Sin rested and transformed into a new form. Soon this was standing in it's spot.

Who would hear it? (anybody can join) 923820

Sin had called this form Sayuri. Sayuri was a geisha like entity, who could command sorcery like the power to change things into gold, command wind and light and lastly, to be able to hypnotize birds by playing a flute. Sayuri took out her flute and started to play, but not causing any birds to become mindless. The haunting tune or the song of storms drifted into the air....

Who would hear it?

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